General Contractor Services

The Sullivan Company has been performing as a General Contractor since its inception almost 50 years ago, competitively bidding on projects in Philadelphia, the tri-county area, New Jersey and Delaware. Our expansive and experienced subcontractor base as well as our reputation allows TSC to perform as a competitive and versatile contractor. We pride ourselves on having complete knowledge of the project as we estimate every trade of a project in-house, as well as solicit estimates from subcontractors. TSC’s proven ability as a general contractor allows us to continually be invited to bid on the projects in the Philadelphia market.

Our services include:

  • Solicit bids from contractors
  • Recommend subcontractors to owner’s team
  • Cost management
  • Maintain construction schedule
  • Quality/scope assurance
  • Document control
  • Implementation of safety procedures
  • Manage and monitor the project site
  • Operation and maintenance start up training
  • Project closeout documentation