Construction Consulting

Owner’s Representation and Other Consulting Services

The Sullivan Company provides construction consulting, project monitoring and project coordination services throughout North America. Most of our business comes from repeat clients who have been satisfied with our ability to understand their needs and respond quickly with effective and cost-efficient solutions.

Building Inspections for potential purchasers or lenders

Prior to a client purchasing a building, we can provide any of the following services:

  • Building inspections
  • Review of facilities to determine capital improvement requirements
  • Evaluate building mechanical, structural, electrical, facades and conveying systems Review building code and ADA compliance
  • Develop construction  budgets or analyze contractors' estimated costs
  • Develop due diligence reports and inspections for lenders or purchasers
  • Analyze building maintenance and perform useful life studies
  • Review borrowers' plans and specifications to evaluate completeness

These services are provided on an as-needed basis during the design development phase of a project, before construction or renovations begin. These value-engineering reviews can provide tremendous cost savings to the client, as they force the entire design building process to develop as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

Monitoring Services

Monitoring services can be provided during construction or renovation activity, including:

  • Inspections of completed work on a periodic basis
  • Scheduling of compliance reviews
  • Verification of requests for disbursement of construction funds
  • Construction auditing

We also can perform as project coordinators, representing the owners through every phase of the project, from conceptual design through move-in.

Owner’s Representation/Project Coordination

As project coordinators, we represent owners through every phase of the project, from conceptual design through move-in. This is particularly helpful for clients with out-of-town projects.